Friday, 15 March 2013

Using Youtube to write a procedure- Dry Ice

Youtube is a great way to get your students write a procedure for a science experiment. This text type is particularly useful in science.

There are some great experiments, including ones that are too dangerous to do in real life but are interesting and relevant to the curriculum.
For instance this on demonstrates sublimation, where a solid become a gas without becoming a liquid;

I would definitely not use dry ice with students because its dangerous, causing a severe cold burn if handled. So using technology makes sense.
The presenter tells the audience what to do step by step, so you can get your students to  write a procedure, by showing them the clip a few times.
If you copied it for the students, they can work at their own individual pace to get down the steps.
Here are the BOS outcomes where this experiment would be useful:

Stage 1 outcomes
A student:
Stage 2 outcomes
A student:
Stage 3 outcomes
A student:
identifies ways that everyday materials can be physically changed and combined for a particular purpose
relates the properties of common materials to their use for particular purposes
identifies that adding or removing heat causes a change of state between solids and liquids
identifies the physical properties of natural and processed materials, and how these properties influence their use
identifies the observable properties of solids, liquids and gases, and that changes made to materials are reversible or irreversible
describes how the properties of materials determine their use for specific purposes

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