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Gifted and Talented workshop I did recently

This is the evidence board I had for the CSI investigation I did with a k-1 and year 2 class I recently did, as a science teachers in a primary setting.
 The suspects !!

Here are the information cards I recently used at a Gifted and Talented workshop for K-1 and year 2 groups.
I had these in a big font, which I printed on A4 paper. so one piece of evidence per page. I read them to the students as many can't read yet, being kindy !
I have annotated with the physical evidence I added in blue.
CSI Oxford Falls Detectives – Facts Sheet

An attempted robbery occurred at the First National Bank at Oxford Falls, NSW, Australia.

However, police were quick to respond to the bank’s silence alarms and the criminal fled on foot without stealing anything.

CCTV footage identified a female escaping through the roof and police quickly questioned 5 women in the area that matched the CCTV footage.

The police now know that the criminal was none other than notorious criminal, the Catwoman, because she always leaves a note “You have been visited by the Catwoman... meow!”

NY detectives have confirmed the handwriting on the note is a perfect match from a robbery there last year.

Police can not arrest anyone till they get your report.

Who should they arrest ?


Evidence 1:

 New York detectives have emailed their wanted poster, using a sketch of the Catwoman taken from an eyewitness to a confirmed Catwoman robbery.
Here is the  wanted poster and police sketches of the 5 suspects.
I printed out photos from google of female sketches as well as this one  on the left.

I made sure that all the suspects could be her, and labelled them suspect 1,2,3,4 and 5.
Then I showed the student each suspect and asked them to decide who they though did it. This is to encourage them to form a hypothesis which they will confirm or change with more evidence.

Evidence 2:

A fingerprint was obtained at the crime scene, when the Catwoman touched a plastic cup. Forensic scientists have used chemicals to make the print visible. They determined the print was from the right thumb of the Catwoman.

Each suspect was asked to give a fingerprint print from the right thumb when they were questioned.
I used paint to put one finger print on a cup- labelled evidence 2- as well as other finger prints labelled suspect 1-5. Actually, I decided to make the prints very hard to read, so they would need more evidence.

Evidence 3:

A piece of paper was found at the crime scene. Unfortunately no fingerprints could be obtained from it, but as the crime scene was cleaned a few hours before the break-in, police suspect it was dropped by the Catwoman.

The suspects jackets were searched and the following found in the pockets.
As the guilty one was suspect 3, she had a sequence of raffle tickets and one was found at the crime scene. This was to use their sequence and logic skills. the other papers were just rubbish, although one was money.
You could use anything really, perhaps have a jigsaw type puzzle.

Evidence 4:

A dried left was found at the crime scene.

Overhanging plants were noticed at the homes of several suspects.

Samples of the plants were brought to the CSI headquarters for further study.
I cut 5 different flowers and had the evidence match 2 of these, by having two different flowers of the same plant, and the evidence was the leaf of the plant.
I labelled each piece of plant material with suspect 1-5, making sure that suspect 3 was a good match.


Evidence 5:

When the Catwoman broke in to commit the robbery, a piece of fabric from her pants was torn off.

All suspects were asked to provide their pants as evidence.
By cutting out a small hole in one pair of cast of pants, I had a piece of evidence that the students could do an experiment with. The brighter ones tried to match the fabric and saw that it was  good fit.
I also made the colours very similar, but one pair had a hole but was the wrong colour.
I labelled each pair of pants with the words- suspect 1,2,3,4,5 , making sure suspect 3 was the perfect match.


Evidence 6:

The ink from the Catwoman’s note was analysed using chromatography.

Pens of the same brand were obtained from each suspect’s home using a search warrant.

The results of the chromatography experiment on the note as well as the pens obtained from the suspects are made available to CSI detectives.
Use different water based textas to get a blob of colour that has run. if you have more time, you could get the students to do this experiment themselves. its very easy!

Evidence 7:

Strange dirt was noticed in the shaft the Catwoman tried to use to access the bank vault.

Soil samples were taken from the suspects’ homes and taken into evidence.
Different dirt samples with several including suspect 3 matching the evidence.
Evidence 8:

A shoe print was obtained at the crime scene, when the Catwoman trod on some red paint.

Each suspect was asked to give a shoe print when they were questioned.
5 different prints were done just by painting a bit of paint on the bottom of some shoes with tissue, and then doing a print on A4 paper. I used children's shoes for non-suspects too! 

Here is how I had the primary room set up. you can see the pants and other evidence.


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