Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Scientific method, report format and bubbles

Bubbles ! Who doesn't love them.

In terms of an junior science prac, looking at how to make bubbles bigger and stronger is a great way to engage your students:
Aim: to make bubble stronger
Hypothesis: that adding glycerine to detergent will make bigger bubbles
Method 1. Make a loop out of pipe cleaner
              2. Make 10 bubbles using normal dish washing liquid
              3. Add 2 or 3 drops of glycerine to 100 mL of detergent
              4. Make 10 bubbles using the new mixture
              5. Change the ratio of detergent to glycerine till the biggest bubbles are formed

Observations from the experiment
These could be tabulated

Conclusion: That glycerin make bubbles bigger

Extension : what else can you do to make bigger bubbles eg add a few drops of water.
Research a recipe and see what else can help make big bubbles.
variables ; independent variables- adding glycerine
                  dependent variable - comparing sizes of bubbles
                  controlled variables - blowing, loop, air temperature
                  The control- bubbles solution with only detergent

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